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The Parkdale Hostellerie offers the spirited traveler a place to call home away home. A place to connect with people, the neighbourhood and with themselves.

Travellers are always looking for something to do. We will be that local friend to show them around and beyond the city.

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We love to make you feel at home.

The Parkdale delivers the d├ęcor, homes, and service that meet the demands of the modern urban lifestyle traveler. Every one of our rooms and apartments is an individual; artistically styled with a personalized design theme. They each have a name to reflect their individual persona. Guests can request their room by name.

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With our extensive knowledge of the area we can tailor your mountain bike rides or hikes to suit your abilities and preferences.

If you are considering a special horseback riding or outdoor vacation anywhere in the world, call us first and let our experienced staff match the perfect holiday with your dream.

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